SA 387 GRADE 11 – A Hard Material For The Harsh Conditions

Lot of the industries utilize equipment which are required to be under high-pressure and harsh temperature conditions. This means that the equipment has to undergo a lot of stress and buckling, which can be harmful to the machinery and even cause the breakdown of the entire plant. Hence it is very crucial to select carefully the material used for various pieces of equipment.

SA 387 GR 11 alloy plate is one such component which is often used in elevated temperature and pressure conditions. This alloy is a mixture of chromium, molybdenum and other important materials that impart it the strength to withstand the extreme conditions. While the Molybdenum present in the alloy imparts excellent temperature resistance, the Chromium makes it capable of resisting any type of oxidation or corrosion. This combination is one of the main reasons for high demand of this material being used for sour gas applications.

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As the market leaders in supplying essential materials and components to the oil & and gas and other leading industries, we at New World Horizon know the importance of quality. We are the leading suppliers of sa 387 gr 11 Dubai – this material has a  high demand in the global market. It is because of its exceptional physical and chemical properties, making it ideal to be used in the industry.

To meet the demands of various industrial applications, our alloy steel plates come in various dimensions. Besides the basic dimensions such as the length, breadth, and thickness, our alloy plates also come in various standards and sizes. The type and finishing of the plates are customized as per the customer’s requirement.

Being trusted suppliers of sa 387 gr 11 UAE, we aim to provide highly durable sheets that resist erosion in the long term. Besides undergoing thermal treatment to improve their quality, these plates also undergo heat and product analysis before being supplied. This ensures that you get only the highest quality product and nothing else.

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S32750 Steel: For A Super Durable Plant

Setting up an oil & gas power plant is a difficult task. It means employing a large number of complex machines and equipment. This ranges from cranes and pipes to drills, tankers, and processing centers. Every piece of equipment, whether used in an onshore or offshore oil rig has to work continuously and often in extreme conditions. Thus it is essential that every piece of equipment be made up of high-grade material.

Super Duplex UNS S32750 is a high-grade variety of steel which is known for its resistance to various forms of corrosion, be it pitting or crevice. It is specially designed to be used in environment containing high chloride content such as in underwater pipes and machinery. Bearing a high percentage of Chromium and Molybdenum, it possesses high tensile strength, high thermal conductivity, and low thermal expansion. These properties make it a much superior material as compared to normal austenitic stainless steel.

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New World Horizon is the leading supplier of S32750 Dubai, providing Super Duplex piping solutions for the oil & gas industry. Our UNS S32750 piping packages come in various sizes, ranging from small and medium-small to the large ones. This ensures that at any time during the construction of the plant or even during the production activities, you have adequate reserves of it.

Our Super Duplex material can be used in both offshore and onshore oil & gas rigs for desalinating the seawater, for upstream production of both oil and natural gas, and in the fire fighting systems. It can also be used in the construction of high-pressure RO plants owing to its non-corrosive nature.

Being trusted suppliers of S32750 UAE, we realize the importance of building stronger, long-lasting and efficient power plants to boost the oil & gas industry. Hence, we supply a large variety of Super Duplex S32750 Stainless Steel pipes and piping materials. These include both seamless and welded pipes, flanges in the size range of 1/2″ to 48″, both seamless and welded fittings, and also important types of forgings. These can be used in the oil & gas industry and  also in chemical tankers, paper & pulp industries, pressure vessels, hydropower, and structural components.

Being our valuable customer, you can avail of our world-class services and benefit from our high-quality products. Not only are these products tested before being supplied but they can also be customized according to your requirement and preference. This ensures that you always have the right product for your plant and can execute the construction project smoothly and efficiently.

Casing Tubing Dubai : Why Your Oil Well Needs Proper ?

An oil and gas rig, whether onshore or offshore involves a large network of interconnected pipes and tubes. These pipes and tubes are present both underwater and on the ground. Hence, they have to withstand various environmental conditions.

Casing tubing involves the outer tubes which surround the inner main tubes. These tubes generally line the wellbore and are important for preventing the soil and groundwater from getting contaminated by the drilling mud and extracted fluids. Besides, this outer structure forms the core of a support system which is important to keep the wellbore steady even under high loads.

The casing process works simultaneously with the drilling process. First, the drilling is done. Then after a while, the drill is taken out and the casing is cemented. The procedure is repeated thereafter.

The Importance Of Casing Tubing

In a country like UAE having numerous oil wells, casing tubing becomes a lot more important as it forms the core of the oil well construction. Besides preventing the soil and groundwater from getting contaminated, it also helps to transport the oil from the well to the surface.

Both tubing and casing can be seen as individual structures also. While the tubing forms the inner portion of a casing tubing arrangement, casing forms the outer supporting feature. Due to this, tubing generally has a smaller diameter than that of the casing. There is also a threshold value of 114.3 mm for the diameter. A tube of this diameter can be considered both as tubing as well as casing. Any diameter above this threshold value corresponds to casing while any diameter below this value corresponds to tubing.

The shape of casing is generally like a funnel, with a broad face at the top and a narrow face at the bottom. The casing comes in various shapes and sizes, depending upon its use. Not only is it applied in vertical drilling operations but it is also important for horizontal drilling ones.

Casing Tubing Material

The casing in an oil well may be made up of various types of materials, some of which are listed below:

  • Carbon Steel: ASTM A106 Gr. B, API 5L Gr. B, X42, X52, X60, X65, X70, X80(PSL1 / PSL2). These can be used in high heat, extreme cold, and even for transporting steam at a high temperature.
  • Carbon Steel Alloy Low Temp: ASTM A333 Gr.6. These form the cover tubing of many other tubes.
  • Carbon Steel Alloy High Temp: ASTM A335 Gr P1/P5/P9/P11/P22. These are known for their high tensile strength and smooth internal finish.
  • Austenitic Stainless Steel: ASTM A312 Gr TP304/304L, A312 Gr TP316/316L,A312 Gr TP321, A312 Gr TP347. These are fireproof and provide the much-needed fire protection to keep your oil plant safe.
  • Duplex & Super Duplex: ASTM A790 S31803, ASTM A790 S32760/S32750.They can be used for a wide range of subsea applications along with the extraction process.

While these materials are the most widely used ones, you can also get the casing in custom alloys depending upon your requirement. There are several suppliers in UAE such as New World Horizon General Trading L.L.C, AOSS, Trio-Tech Tools, etc. who can provide high-quality casing tubing in Dubai at competitive prices.

Cuni Fittings For Effective Pipe Support

As the name suggests, cuni fittings or Copper-Nickel fittings are made using an alloy of Copper and Nickel. These fittings are known for their use in underwater and marine applications. This is because they have strong general resistance to corrosion that usually occurs due to seawater. Due to the high concentration of Copper and Nickel, cuni fittings are extensively used in the power plants and the shipbuilding industry for connecting pipes.

Copper is very well known for its high electrical conductivity, high ductility, high heat conduction, good machinability, and corrosion resistance. This makes it one of the most widely used materials in the industrial space.

Nickel, on the other hand, possesses better corrosion resistance, greater toughness, and strength at both high and low temperatures. Though it is not normally used as a stand alone material in the industries, it can be combined effectively with another material to form an alloy.

Benefits of cuni fittings

Some of the common benefits offered by these Copper Nickel fittings are:

  • High resistance to corrosion in seawater.
  • High resistance to SCC ( Stress Corrosion Cracking ) underwater.
  • High resistance to pittance and corrosion due to chlorides
  • High resistance to pitting
  • Easy to weld and fabricate

Besides these, Copper-Nickel fittings are extensively used in areas requiring high tensile strength. This ensures that the pipes can endure the high temperatures which might otherwise create residual stresses and strains. Thus enabling them to work under high pressures without showing any signs of fatigue.

Types Of Copper Nickel Fittings

Copper Nickel fittings can be used in various forms, some of which are:

  • 90-degree elbows
  • 45-degree elbows
  • Forged tees
  • Forged cross
  • Forged plug
  • Bushings
  • Couplings
  • Unions
  • Inserts
  • Street Elbows
  • Pipe Nipples

Generally, all the Copper-Nickel fittings can be forged as per the demand of the customer and can be made to suit the requirements. These can also be ordered in various size ranges so that you can utilize the fittings at various parts of the plants. They are designed to withstand different levels of pressure such as 2000 lbs, 3000 lbs, 6000 lbs, 9000 lbs, etc.

Since these fittings are ultimately to be used in pipelines, it is important to know the type and size of the pipes in which they are to be used. Hence, the type of pipes plays an important role in the final decision of buying the fittings.

Getting Copper Nickel Fittings

In case you have a plant based in UAE and want to obtain high-quality cuni fittings, it should not be a difficult task. There are numerous trustworthy suppliers such as New World Horizon General Trading L.L.C, Vishal Steel, RMT Dubai, etc. who can provide high-quality Copper Nickel fittings.

Cuni fittings generally have excellent quality finishing and duress for long life, high pressure and zero defects. New World Horizon with its wide range of fittings and very competitive prices, is very well known for cuni fittings in Dubai. Here you can select from a wide range and get the right type of fittings to use in your power plants.

Why Grinding Balls Are So Important?

Grinding balls are pieces of equipment used in mining and industries for breaking down secondary raw materials such as rocks, cement, and stone. This in turn, facilitates the extraction of ores and minerals from these secondary raw materials. Due to this function, grinding balls have become very much essential in the whole extraction process, as without these the rocks and other secondary materials cannot be broken down.

The Material of Grinding Balls

In general, grinding balls can be made up of various types of materials. These can be either steel, hard metal, or even ceramic. Grinding balls made up of diverse materials have different areas of application as listed below:

  • Stainless Steel balls – There are mostly used in applications where corrosion resistance is required. The main properties being that they can withstand pressure and possess magnetic properties – and are thus used accordingly.
  • Aluminum balls – These are generally cheaper and can help break down secondary materials for the extraction of minerals.
  • Ceramic balls – These have a smooth surface, are lightweight, have lower frictional resistance, higher hardness, and higher corrosion resistance.
  • Hard metal balls – There are used for breaking and crushing activities.
  • Tungsten Carbide balls – These are harder than the ones made from stainless steel and can be used in places where stainless steel is not enough. But, since they are very expensive, they are not as widely used as the other types of grinding balls.

The most common types of grinding balls are the one made from steel and steel alloy. These have a wide range of applications due to their high resistance to wear and low abrasion rates.

Besides, these balls can come with different strength of  hardness and tolerance which might range anywhere up to 66 on the Rockwell scale and 105 on the Vicker hardness scale.

Some Other Important Points to Note

Grinding balls are generally used along with mills. They can range from 3/4 inches to several inches in diameter. The choice of size, therefore, depends completely on the application area and the build of the machinery in which is being utilized.

The grinding balls can be used for both wet grindings as well as dry grinding purposes. Since both the processes differ in nature with dry consuming more power and producing larger-sized particles as compared to wet grindings, the properties of both the types of balls also differ.

Grinding balls differ from grinding beads in the sense that they are much larger. Also, they are highly spherical and are precision ground for specific purposes. Their larges size also makes them more suitable material from grinding, when compared to grinding beads.

Getting High-Quality Grinding Balls

In a country like UAE which has engineering and industrial activities going all year round, there is always a high demand for quality industrial products. This demand is effectively managed by some of the top grinding ball suppliers in the region such as New World Horizon General Trading L.L.C, Multi Bio-Pro, etc. This ensures that there will never be a dearth of high-quality materials so that you can carry on the industrial activities with ease.