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Electric Products

Shinkawa Electric Products

SHINKAWA Electric (Japan) has a wholly owned subsidiary, SHINKAWA Sensor Technology, Inc., that specializes in development and manufacture of displacement/vibration sensors, machine condition monitoring systems and analysis/diagnostic systems. With superior environmental resistance to high/low temperatures, high pressure, etc., their proprietary sensing technologies allow us to contribute to various industries in applications such as condition monitoring of small general-purpose rotating machinery to large turbines, safety operation of bullet trains (Shinkansen), etc.

Sensing technology can be dramatically improved with development of new sensor materials. In cooperation with various research institutes, SHINKAWA has developed not only the base part, perpetually resistant alloy for eddy-current sensor coils, but also perpetually elastic materials, etc. These are used in many of their products and are highly valued in various industrial sectors. Displacement sensor for levitation controller of Japan’s first normal-conductive magnetically levitated linear motor car, low temperature/high pressure displacement sensor for monitoring shaft vibration of the engine turbo pump, the heart, of the Japanese rocket … SHINKAWA flexibly responds to the ever-changing needs, contributing to creation of a promising future.

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