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Flanges Manufacturer and Suppliers in UAE

Flanges Manufacturer and Suppliers in UAE

Flanges are generally used in power plants to connect pipes, valves, pumps, and other fittings in the pipework system. Unlike welding, where the joint is permanent, in the same way, flanges are used for the joining of two parts, but on a temporary basis. New world Horizon is proud to be the world’s largest inventory and supplier of flanges in the UAE. Our extensive product range includes WELD NECK, SLIPON, BLIND, SOCKET WELD, THREADED, ANCHOR FLANGES, and more. We operate with a purposeful commitment to providing our clients and customers with great value through reliable service.

Flanges Suppliers in UAE

New World horizon is resolved to innovate and advance in its product development and responsible care for the social and ecological well-being with continuous improvement zeroed in on the manageable advancement of the business. By choosing New World horizon as your flanges supplier in UAE you will be benefited from a lot of perspectives like short lead times, effortless placement of orders, on-time delivery, and high-quality products as we are forging a company of world-class flanges.

Flanges are a type of fitting that is used in pipes, joining pipes, valves, and other equipment together so that they can work as one assembled element. Pipe flange offers the advantage of being able to connect different types of materials together, while also allowing flexibility through easier assembling and dissembling features. To reduce pressure or strain exerted on pipelines without reducing the fluid flow rate of the system.

Materials for Flanges at New World Horizon

The Pipe Flanges by new world horizon are forged in various materials like stainless steel, alloy, carbon, etc. The most common material in flanges is stainless steel flanges. However, you can pick them as per your specific requirements. The material of a flange is chosen accordingly with the purpose of the pipe, and mostly, a flange is of a similar material as the pipe is used. But if you are unable to choose the perfect flange material for you, it is advisable to analyze the needs and application of flanges in the plant and then, select the solution according to its requirements.

Our Facility

Our infrastructure consists of a closed die forging unit with forging machinery suitable for job capacity ranging from 5 kg to 50 kg. We supply flanges at par with the standards of ANSI, BS, DIN, JIS, and ISO. Our machining unit processes the transformation of raw material into different desired shapes, NWH stocks the full range of JIS standard flanges, especially JIS 5K 10k flanges in Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel grades. Above all, our world-class laboratory is equipped to constantly upgrade the standards and facilitates by researching and manufacturing with more innovative operations.

Types of Pipe Flanges Available at New World Horizon

The type of pipe flange is determined by its shape thickness and other properties. Moreover, flanges are essential elements to avoid leaks and fire in the power plant. So, it is crucial to get a flange that perfectly suits your need, they are categorized into types as follows:

Weld neck flanges:

Welding neck flanges are a long-tapered structure that works for reinforcement in applications involving high pressure and elevated temperatures. Furthermore, it is an essential component in the process of fabrication

Slip-On Flanges:

New World horizon’s slip-on flanges are easy to install which is simply the most useful application of it. This is a perfect choice when it comes to uses such as, for fluid at low pressure with little to no risk of leakage. The best part about them is that you can find them in large sizes also and they are very cost moderate and reasonable.

Lap Joint Flanges:

Lap joint flanges are the type of flanges that are particularly useful for difficult-to-adjust flanges by giving a better joining experience. Lap joint flange is usually used in pressure application with little load resilience and is best for areas that require frequent dismantling.

Threaded flanges:

The threaded flange is also known as companion flange. It is specially forged to be threaded and is the perfect match to the threads on the external side of a pipe.

Blind flange:

Blind Flanges are as similar as any other branch despite the fact that it does not have a boring centre. The main purpose of these pipe flanges is to seal the end of pipes or vessel openings. It is built to stand high pressure.


We are a leading flanges manufacturer and we offer our flanges in a wide variety and different dimensional sizes as per the customer’s request with good pressure rating pipe flanges. It is very crucial to make the right choice when it comes to flanges because they are among one of the core elements of any power plant. However, we follow standard international and national dimensional standards and we are constantly seeking perfection in our products and practices administration for making our global presence and multiple satisfied customers.