NWH: Steel Pipe Supplier in UAE, Flanges, Fittings, Valves, Plates and Steel Structure

Oil & Gas Power Marines Sensors and Electricals

We provide critical products for every sector of the Oil and Gas industry. From Exploration to Refining and every step in between because we understand the complexity.

Power Generation

Either Thermal / Geo we have Quality Suppliers with trusted materials and products to support Special Valves Pipes and Fittings.

Thermal power generation
Marine power utilities

Marine Power & Utilities

Quality Products are suitable for Drydocks and Ship repair companies.

Electrical Sensors

We have all the Quality Electrical Products to suit the Process and Supply of Electric in any Department of Oil and Gas and Marine & Ship Repairs.

Electrical Sensors
Upstream production

Upstream Production

We understand the complexity of upstream production we supply reliable products to move oil and gas safely and efficiently into the gathering system and Pipeline for Processing.

Midstream Pipeline

Quality Pipelines are essential to moving Crude oil from Production sites to refineries, Liquid, and Gas transmissions we supply Quality Products from the most respected manufacturers in the world.


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