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Create A Healthier Plant With Our Shinkawa Distributor

Shinkawa Electric is a famous Japanese company dealing with sensors/transducers, condition monitors, diagnostic systems and a lot more. Founded in 1927, Shinkawa has been providing quality monitoring systems to be installed in power plants around the world, including areas like UAE and the Middle East.

One of the best parts about the company is the “Total Engineering” solutions it provides – meaning that it is involved in almost all the stages of product development from start to finish. With its offices spread all over the globe, Shinkawa can work in close coordination with the plants to enhance productivity.

Shinkawa’s superior electric and monitoring technology coupled with the all-around presence gives it the much-needed advantage over its competitors. Its world-class sensing technology can withstand high temperature and pressure conditions which make it a very durable and cost-friendly option. Its monitoring system is so good that it is used regularly in the Japanese bullet trains (Shinkansen).

Dubai and the Middle East have since long been the hub of construction and manufacturing activities. This makes Shinkawa’s role pretty imperative in this area. We, at New World Horizon, continuously strive to play our part in this progress by being a trustworthy Shinkawa distributor. Being an authorized distributor of Shinkawa Electric CM & VA, we continuously contribute to the implementation of better monitoring facilities and vibration analysis in the plants of our valuable customers.

Being a Shinkawa distributor in Dubai, we use our experience and expertise in not only analyzing the problem, but also providing the best possible monitoring system to crunch those numbers and oversee the plant activities. Consistency and quality are our top priority which guides us to provide top class machinery and equipment time and again.

We at NWH, know the value of a trustworthy relationship and the wonders it can do for a project. Not only do we support our customers by timely analysis of a fault, but also schedule repair and maintenance facilities at the earliest. This enables them to carry out the manufacturing activities without any major hiccups and avoiding the losses incurred due to long shutdown periods.

By detecting the faulty areas and reasons for failures, we can provide suitable replacements to support the production. Shinkawa’s CM’s enables our customers to invest in some of the best monitoring and analysis equipment while also cutting down on cost. Besides this, it helps them to cut down the various risk factors which ultimately improve operational efficiency and management.