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How to Get the Casing Tubing for Your Oil Well Just Right?

Drilling and extraction activities in the oil and gas industry are one of the most complicated and engineering feats in the world. The extreme conditions coupled with growing restrictions make the process harder and harder every day. However, the industry is not one to succumb to pressure. The oil and gas industry especially in the Middle East follows some strict quality and conformance guidelines to ensure each process is carried out just right. The key to a perfect oil wellbore dig is proper casing tubing processes executed by a trained team.

What is Casing Tubing?

Casing tubing is a process of getting the well ready for production. The casing is a pipe that is used to drill the oil well or bore to a predesigned depth in small intervals. The casing has to be done in intervals as digging long distances in one shot can damage the nearby strata and contaminate the well as well. Cement is poured down the sides of the casing to form a barrier around the well and also strengthen it to hold the tubes for thousands of feet. Once the casing is completed, tubing is carried out where a smaller diameter pipe is used to transport the oil from the bed to the reservoir or processing unit. Casing tubing has to be carried out perfectly to achieve the design output from the bore without any damage or rework costs. 

As oil well production is a costly affair, so the design of casing tubing is of paramount importance. The material of the pipes used for these activities has to be selected carefully as per the environment where they are to be used. Pipe suppliers in UAE such as the New World Horizon have a variety of materials available with them for casing tubing. Some of the popular ones include carbon steel, austenitic steel, Inconel, and other superalloy varieties of steel. The supplier can guide to the ideal material for your casing and tubing needs based on the well and platform site conditions. 

Casing Tubing Practices 

Ideal casing tubing practices involve getting the products manufactured in line with the site conditions and design requirements. The suppliers and designers must visit the site before getting the production started. Casing tubing is the building block for oil well digging and offshore activity. It is highly cost and resource-intensive and hence must be done right at the beginning itself.