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SA 387 GRADE 11 – A Hard Material For The Harsh Conditions

Lot of the industries utilize equipment which are required to be under high-pressure and harsh temperature conditions. This means that the equipment has to undergo a lot of stress and buckling, which can be harmful to the machinery and even cause the breakdown of the entire plant. Hence it is very crucial to select carefully the material used for various pieces of equipment.

SA 387 GR 11 alloy plate is one such component which is often used in elevated temperature and pressure conditions. This alloy is a mixture of chromium, molybdenum and other important materials that impart it the strength to withstand the extreme conditions. While the Molybdenum present in the alloy imparts excellent temperature resistance, the Chromium makes it capable of resisting any type of oxidation or corrosion. This combination is one of the main reasons for high demand of this material being used for sour gas applications.

Why Choose Us?

As the market leaders in supplying essential materials and components to the oil & and gas and other leading industries, we at New World Horizon know the importance of quality. We are the leading suppliers of sa 387 gr 11 Dubai – this material has a  high demand in the global market. It is because of its exceptional physical and chemical properties, making it ideal to be used in the industry.

To meet the demands of various industrial applications, our alloy steel plates come in various dimensions. Besides the basic dimensions such as the length, breadth, and thickness, our alloy plates also come in various standards and sizes. The type and finishing of the plates are customized as per the customer’s requirement.

Being trusted suppliers of sa 387 gr 11 UAE, we aim to provide highly durable sheets that resist erosion in the long term. Besides undergoing thermal treatment to improve their quality, these plates also undergo heat and product analysis before being supplied. This ensures that you get only the highest quality product and nothing else.

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