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IoT and Smart Sensing in Oil and Gas – Vibration Sensors in Qatar

The petroleum industry is at a crossroads today. The depleting oil reserves and growing environmental concerns on oil and gas extraction activities are impacting the industry a lot. The industry is now at a point where it has to find innovative solutions to the problems and improve its operation and function methodologies to combat the economic impact. The Middle East has adopted many new technologies and practices in this regard. Vibration sensors in Qatar have helped many companies reduce their operating costs and work a little smarter than before. 

Vibration Sensors in Qatar Oil and Gas Industry 

Qatar has a very active petroleum industry established in 1974. Currently, they produce over 18 million tons of oil and petroleum products per day. They may not be the leaders in oil production in the Middle East yet but the government and corporate companies are employing methods to improve their operations. 

The popularity of vibration sensors in Qatar has risen over the past few years as they enhance profitability by improving maintenance and repair costs. Using vibration sensors, companies can monitor the health of all major equipment installed in oil wells, offshore platforms, and other processing units as well. Various types of vibration sensors are available in Qatar for the oil and gas industry specifically. Suppliers like New World Horizon provide a range of sensors for measuring lateral displacement, velocity, rotational speed, and other vibration-based parameters. 

Vibration sensors in the Qatar oil and gas industry have helped the companies maintain optimum output and sense any maintenance issue even before it becomes a bigger problem. These things impact the company’s performance and the environment as maintenance is tricky in offshore platforms and any kind of shutdown or malfunction is difficult to set right easily. 

Summary – Vibration sensors in Qatar 

Sensing and monitoring are a necessity in all sectors today and most importantly in sensitive and difficult work environments such as the oil and gas extraction rigs. Drilling an oil well and maintaining the offshore platform is a very cost-intensive prospect so smart systems that help monitor and use them from a remote place are the need of the hour. Vibration sensors are extremely helpful and vital to the oil and gas industries in the last couple of decades.