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What Should You Ask Your Flange Supplier?

Flanges are an integral part of the piping and flow distribution systems. They are widely used in different industrial applications based on the material and design of the flanges. Flanges help regulate, facilitate, and stop the flow of any liquid such as chemical, petroleum, water, and air as per the design intent. If you run a factory or use/design any mechanical flow system, have a detailed discussion with your flange supplier before you select your flanges. The Middle East and the UAE have a very wide market for flanges and other heavy-duty piping materials. You will find some of the best products and sellers for these materials in this market. 

Why is Talking to Your Flange Supplier in UAE Important?

Flanges Suppliers in UAE, especially the New World Horizons have the experience of dealing with multiple clients across sectors. They also manufacture and deal with a wide range of products in this industry. This has equipped them with a vast knowledge regarding flanges and the flow distribution systems as a whole too.

You will find different types of flanges in the market such as slip-on flanges, weld neck, threaded, socket weld, and blind. They also come in different materials such as carbon steel, austenitic steel, duplex & super duplex steel, and carbon steel alloys for high-temperature and low-temperature conditions. 

Talking to the flanges suppliers in UAE who have worked with major clients will give you clear details about the properties of the flanges and how each one is different from another. Threaded flanges are used at low-pressure applications where welding is not feasible such as petrol pumps or gas stations. Blind flanges can be used in place of high temperatures and are primarily used to seal a pipe or stop the flow of liquid. If you look at industrial applications, one of the major types of flanges used in the oil and gas industry is the anchor flange. 

Flanges Suppliers in UAE work in different scenarios and are in a better position to advise and provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution for your projects. Mechanical engineers in your company would also find it easy to design solutions with a knowledge vendor like New World Horizons that can prove to be a great ally.


Flanges may seem like a small part of a very complex piping network but they are one of the most important parts. Right from maintenance to durability to the feasibility of a project, flanges have to be considered to understand the whole picture. Talking to an experienced flange supplier can help you start the project and run it on a sure footing.