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Chromemoly to Keep the Black Gold Shining

We all know what black gold is and it is gold that has kept the world on its toes for a long time now. The oil and gas industry has been one of the most successful and profitable industries across the world for the last five to six decades. It is also one of the most challenging industries to work in. Not just in operations but in terms of the materials and equipment required as well. Chromemoly or SA 387 GR 11 as it is known in petrochemical circles is a type of steel alloy that is used to make pipes and other equipment for oil and gas activities in the Middle East. 

SA 387 GR 11 for the Oil and Gas Industry 

Chromemoly or SA 387 GR 11 is a special type of alloy that falls under the category of corrosion-resistant alloys. The working conditions in the oil and gas industry is becoming harsher every day with underwater excavations, climate change, and sour and polluted environments increasing. In such cases, the industry needs stronger materials to ensure the longevity of the projects, reduced maintenance costs, and lesser shutdowns.  Chromemoly materials are used in various applications in the oil and gas industry. SA 387 GR 11 is extremely easy and conducive to work with and can be made into plates, vessels, tubes, and many other forms. As a result, the material is used in drilling, production, and transportation of extracted material from the rig to the processing units as well.

The combination of chromium and molybdenum in SA 387 GR 11 presents a unique characteristic of this alloy. The chromium content makes it resistant to oxidation and corrosion in most environments whereas molybdenum is responsible for the favorable physical properties. The usage of SA 387 GR 11 in oil and gas activities has benefitted the industry immensely. In a time when crude oil prices dipped and the margins became tighter than ever, the metal has been keeping the maintenance and running costs of the offshore platforms under control. 

Suppliers of SA 387 GR 11 in UAE and different parts of the Middle East have seen a significant rise in demand for this alloy over other standard metals for the last few years. New World Horizons has a wide range of products such as plates, vessels, tubes, and casing material in this alloy and has been a preferred vendor for all major companies in UAE.