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What is Super Duplex Steel (S32750) and Why is it Becoming Popular in the Middle East?

Steel continues to be one of the preferred metals for manufacturing activities across sectors around the globe. However, there are times that the material succumbs to the corrosive and harsh conditions in some of these industries. One of the strongest steel alloys in the market, S32750 or the super duplex steel has been used in industries where equipment is exposed to strong chemicals and other corrosive elements. 

Super duplex steel S32750 is a steel alloy with a higher concentration of nickel and molybdenum. These additive elements give the alloy greater resistance to corrosion in all forms. This makes them ideal to use in highly complicated industries such as desalination plants, chemical production, oil and gas industry, and power generation plants. 

S32750 in the UAE and the Middle East

The industrial spirit of the UAE and the middle east is not hidden from anyone. From being an oil-dependent economy to a high-functioning industrial landscape, the country and the entire region have made great progress. Innovation and resilience are some of the highly valued attributes in this region. S32750 or super duplex steel is therefore a key factor to all the different types of industries that have made UAE their principal manufacturing hub. 

When it comes to chemical factories, oil and gas rigs, and offshore platforms the material has to endure high temperatures and pressure conditions without any damage or regular maintenance efforts. Super duplex steel hence is the ideal candidate. The material is easy to work with and is available in hot rolled bars, plates, sheets, fasteners, flanges, and fittings. The products have a low coefficient of thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, high strength, and resistance to stress corrosion, crevice corrosion, chloride corrosion, and sulfide corrosion as well. 

Summary – S32750

Super duplex steel is one of the most valuable alloys for the manufacturing industry. They can work in corrosive environments without incurring additional costs towards equipment protection, maintenance, and constant replacement of damaged parts. Sulfide and chloride corrosion is one of the hardest forms of attack to combat in chemical and petrochemical industries. S32750 is found to be highly resistant to these strong corrosions as well. Super duplex steel has a huge potential in the growing Middle East manufacturing industry and New World Horizon is committed to providing the best products and services to its clientele.